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Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a frightening and lonely experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help.

  • Being newly diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a very lonely place to be. Not only do you have to deal with the shock of your diagnosis, but also with a bewildering array of treatment options.
  • Doctors and nurses have a lot of experience of telling people they have cancer. However, only people with or who have had cancer have a real understanding of how sufferers and their families feel about it.
  • A lot of men are reluctant to talk about medical conditions or to seek help and support, even when faced with such a life-changing experience. However, many men find they gain a lot of comfort, confidence and encouragement from talking to other men who are either living with or who have been cured of prostate cancer.
  • Don’t face prostate cancer on your own, we are here to help.

We hold informal and welcoming lunchtime meetings in a local pub most months, and evening meetings every 6 months. We invite specialists to talk to us about a range of prostate cancer topics including side effects, incontinence management and sexual counselling.

  • We give talks to local groups about our personal experiences of prostate cancer and our work to help spread awareness of the importance for all men over age 50 to routinely check their PSA.
  • Periodically, we man displays in shopping centres and at local events to promote awareness of prostate cancer and the work we do.
  • We talk to individuals and members of their families who want to know more about what it is like to live with prostate cancer.

Maggie and Reg Swaden

Support Group Leaders

Useful Contacts

Frimley Park Hospital

Prostate Cancer Nurse Specialist Nikki Pereira: 01276 526156

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Contact: 01483 571122. Prostate cancer nurse specialists:

  • Claire Deering ext 2058
  • Donna Higgins ext 2058
  • Michele Pietrasik ext 4540
  • Ali Rooke ext 4478
  • Helen Casson ext 4841
Support Group Newsletter – February 2022
Support Group Newsletter – Nov 2020
Prostate Aware 6th Edition

“In any theatre of war, it is vital to understand your enemy – their strengths, their weaknesses and their behaviour. The same disciplines are needed to effectively fight cancer. I urge you to support the Prostate Project’s battle with this insidious disease that claims so many men’s lives.”


“Being able to talk to men with prostate cancer who had taken the decisions I was faced with, was a huge benefit for me and my family.”


“My partner gets a great boost from being with other “sufferers” and being able to chat to them and swapping experiences gives him confidence. You’re doing a marvellous job and we’re so thankful to be part of your group.”


“The Prostate Project has done a huge amount to improve the care of men with prostate cancer and I thank them for their continuing efforts.”

MR BRUCE MONTGOMERY, Consultant Urological Surgeon

“My involvement with the PP Support Group enables me to keep up to date and ensure I give others the correct advice. There is help in abundance for prostate cancer patients – don’t die of ignorance.”

Tony Cherry - PP Support Group Member

Latest News

Our news show us that every small victory is important in the war against prostate cancer. Head over to our news section to learn more about our latest victories and future projects.



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