Project Description

Prostate cancer is now most commonly diagnosed cancer in UK.  We find many men are reticent to consult their GP, so we are campaigning to ensure that all men are aware of the risks and symptoms of prostate cancer and that they visit their GP with any concerns.  If the disease is caught early, cure rates are excellent. Please do not suffer in silence, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Men have a right to be tested for prostate cancer on a regular basis via their GP if they are aged 50 or over. There is no national screening programme, but instead an informed choice programme, called prostate cancer risk management (click here to download PDF) for healthy men aged 50 or over who ask their GP about PSA testing. It aims to give men good information on the pros and cons of a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test.  The PSA test is not perfect: it will not help find all prostate cancers, it will miss some and will detect some that would never go on to cause harm. NHS England has also produced an information sheet : “PSA testing and prostate cancer: advice for well men aged 50 and over” which should help you decide if you want to have the test or not. It is your decision. Before making your decision you may want to talk to your GP, practice nurse and your partner, family member or a friend..  If you decide to go ahead, your GP can arrange for it to be carried out free on the NHS.

However, we are aware that some doctors do not support prostate cancer testing with this test, especially if men present with no obvious symptoms. It might help to take a print out of this leaflet to give to your GP to explain why you are entitled to a test.

We are therefore supporting Open Access PSA Tests in Surrey, in association with Cancer Testing South, and supporting charitable organisations such as Lions, Rotary, Masons and other local charities.

These events are run to enable men to have a simple blood test, in a COVID-19 safe, friendly and welcoming setting, that may indicate whether or not they have a possible problem with their prostate and should take further action via their GP. Men will also be given a range of information about the prostate and prostate cancer.

Anyone who wants a test, please register and then book a place at:​

For further information of Open Access PSA Testing Days across the country, click here or email: